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Taramps Smart 3 1~2 Ohms 3000 Watts Class D Mono Car Amplifier

Introducing the Taramps Smart 3 Amplifier: the high-performance, international music market's newest must-have. This amplifier is designed to provide optimal power and sound quality, making it perfect for music lovers everywhere.




  • Maximum power of 3000W RMS at 1 OHM and a signal-to-noise ratio of over 90dB
  • Frequency response of 10Hz to 10KHz (-3dB) and adjustable high and low pass crossovers
  • Built-in bass boost allows you to add depth to your music
  • Protection system guards against output short-circuits, low/high supply voltage, and thermal issues
  • 79% efficiency rating and input impedance of 10K Ohms for efficient, easy use
  • Compact size (8.98" x 2.76" x 9.37") and lightweight (5.72 lbs.) for easy installation and transport


Get your Taramps Smart 3 Amplifier today and experience high-performance sound like never before.


Tech Specs:

  • Number Of Channels: 01 Maximum Power: @ 12.6 VDC - 1 OHM: 3000W RMS @ 12.6 VDC - 2 OHMS: 3000W RMS @ 12.6 VDC - 4 OHMS: 2000W RMS"


  • Input Sensitivity: 0.22V ~ 4V Signal to Noise Ratio: >90dB Frequency Response: 10Hz ~ 10KHz (-3dB) Crossover High Pass (Hpf): 10Hz ~ 90Hz (-12dB/8ª) Variable


  • Crossover Low Pass (Lpf): 90Hz ~ 10KHz (-12dB/8ª) Variable Bass Boost: Freq.: 35Hz ~ 55Hz, Boost: 0 ~ +10dB Efficiency: 79% Input Impedance: 10K Ohms


  • Protection System: Output short-circuit, low/high supply voltage and thermal protection Minimum Supply Voltage: 9 VDC Maximum Power Rating: 16 VDC Consumption At Rest: 2.40 A

Taramps Smart 3 1~2 Ohms 3000 Watts Class D Mono Car Amplifier

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