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Minuendo High Fidelity Acoustic Earplugs

Minuendo High Fidelity Acoustic Earplugs


Hearing protection for musicians | Adjustable dB attenuation ear plugs | Made in Norway | Award winning design | Suitable for concerts, gigs and more!


ADJUSTABLE EARPLUGS: Control your sound environment with stepless adjustments from open (-7dB) to closed (-25dB) and everything in between. Always be in control of your hearing during practice sessions, gigs, concerts, motor sports, sleeping, traveling, construction and more.


HIGH QUALITY SOUND: Ear protection without compromising on sound quality. Patented membrane technology provides a flat frequency response that translates to a clear and natural sound. No more frequency degradation like the muffled sound of existing earplugs.


FIND THE PERFECT FIT: With 11 sets of ear tips, including foam, silicone, and flange, you’ll easily find the perfect fit for your ears. Minunedo’s extensive sound blocking tips won’t hurt or fall out and there are no leaks when you sing or move your jaw.


MADE IN NORWAY: Designed and manufactured in Norway with the highest focus on natural sound quality. You no longer have to compromise sound or comfort when protecting your ears. Our practical noise reduction Hi-Fidelity earplugs are made for every environment.


AWARD WINNING DESIGN: No electronics or battery needed. With Minuendo’s magnetic locking system, you’ll never lose your earplugs again. You can wear them around your neck or you can keep them in the portable carry case. Suitable for both adults and kids.

Minuendo High Fidelity Acoustic Earplugs

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