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Fobo Bike 2 for Trike Black Edition
  • 24/7 Remote Monitoring: A smart tire pressure monitoring system (tpms) designed for every biker, three-wheeler and trike enthusiast. Quickly find out which tires are getting hot or losing pressure.
  • Multiple Alert Modes: FOBO Bike 2 for Trike tpms tire pressure monitor system wirelessly connects to your Smartphone, Smartwatch, Bluetooth Headset and sends instant audio, haptic and text tire pressure alerts.
  • Designed For All Riders: Easily change the degrees between C and F, or pressure between PSI, BAR, and kPA with this intelligent Bluetooth tire pressure monitoring system.
  • Slow & Fast leak Detection: Once upper and lower thresholds of the air pressure are set, they are monitored by a smart algorithm; any breach or anomaly will trigger a six-level system of alerts.
  • Additional Features: Group Ride Monitoring, Multiple bike profile monitoring within one App and FOBO Share.

Fobo Bike 2 for Trike Black Edition

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