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SoundBrenner Pulse

The Soundbrenner Pulse


Smart, Vibrating & Wearable Metronome | for All Instruments (Guitar, Piano, Drums) | Tap Tempo (BPM) + Visual Beat Counting | Practice Like A Pro | As Seen at NAMM


Vibrating Metronome: Feel the beat with vibrations instead of annoying clicks. Vibrations are 7x more powerful than the average vibration of a smartphone; you will never miss another beat. Free up your ears to focus on the music.


Customize Rhythm: Customize time signatures, subdivisions and accents. Set your rhythm with tap tempo. Simply tap three times and the tempo will follow.


Multiplayer Sync: Connect up to 5+ devices via NFC/Bluetooth and sync up with your bandmates and friends.


Setlist Library: Create and save your rhythms and organize them via setlist.


DAW Compatible: The Soundbrenner Pulse can receive input from all major DAWs via USB MIDI, including Ableton, Logic and Pro Tools. Easily control your tempo with your favorite DAW.


Tech Specs:


Size: 50mm / 1.9 in


Weight: 47g


Case Material: Polycarbonate


Band Material: Silicone


Band Size: Short band fits your wrist (165mm to 235mm)., long band fits your arm & ankle (250mm

to 395mm)


Water Resistance: Sweat resistant (IP62), withstands intense practice sessions (but no showering or swimming!)


Battery: 6+ hours of metronome playback (Lithium-ion battery)


Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0


LEDs: 8 RGB LEDs in outer ring


Capacitive Touch: Yes


Vibration Motor: ERM haptic motor, 7G amplitude


BPM Range: 20 - 400 BPM


Rhythm Options: Adjust the time signature or subdivision and set accents on beats


Customization Options: Adjust the LED light colors or vibrations and add sounds via your mobile device


Wearing Positions: Wrist, arm & ankle (short and long band included), body strap for chest, shoulder & thigh available separately


Control Options: Use standalone or with companion mobile app


Multi-Player Sync: Up to 5 Core or Pulse with one mobile device, sync multiple mobile devices over WiFi with Ableton Link

SoundBrenner Pulse

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