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Tasers - The Definitive Guide 2022


In this Article you will learn everything there is to know about Tasers. All your questions answered in one place!

Is it Tazer or Taser?

It's actually Taser with an S and it's an acronym for Tom A. Swift Electric Rifle. Who the heck is Tom A. Swift? Hint. It's not the inventor. The inventor's name is actually Jack Cover. Jack named the device after a character in one of his favorite childhood books. Not only did Mr. Cover invent the Taser he also worked as an aerospace scientist and was affiliated with NASA’s Apollo moon landing program. AKA Badass!

Are Taser Guns Good for Self Defence?

Yes, they are very effective when used correctly. Unlike Stun Guns, you can fire a Taser from a distance. High quality Tasers will have a range of up to 15+ feet and can immobilize an attacker for 30 seconds. Check out this awesome video by Garand Thumb where they test out the Taser Pulse on a Giant Samoan and a Marine:

How Do Tasers Work?

When you shoot a taser, the gas cartridge explodes and fires out two wires with prongs at the end. When the prongs hit an attacker or target, electricity is sent through the prongs to stun and disorientate them. The current is so strong it will typically cause full muscle lock up in an attacker, freezing their nervous system giving you enough time to get away.

Do Tasers Work Through Clothes?

Yes, the barbs penetrate clothing and pierce the skin, causing a quick connection. In order to successfully hit and tase an attacker, both prongs must hit them to work.

Are Tasers Reusable?

The Taser Gun itself is reusable; however, you will need to replace the cartridges once fired.

Once a taser is fired, that cartridge cannot be reused and must be replaced. If the taser cartridge has not been used in a long time it may need to be replaced as well, they typically have a shelf life of 5-15 years, depending on the model.

Can a Taser be fired more than twice? Most Taser models can shoot only one pair of darts before changing the firing cartridge, but some can hold two or even three cartridges, allowing for more shots before reloading.

How many volts can a human sustain?

Experts suggest that the human body can tolerate a maximum of between 20,000 and 50,000 volts.

Are Tasers legal in the United States?

Here is a link with State by State Regulations Directly from Taser:

Are Stun Guns and Tasers the same?

No, Taser devices can fire the electric probes at distances up to 15 feet. Stun guns, however, can only be used in close proximity since they have to make physical contact with the attacker and they don't "fire" probes as a taser can.


Tasers are a great choice for self defense. You can immobilize an attacker from a distance without the lethality of a gun. Tasers are reusable reliable and have a long shelf life. There are different regulations for each state so be sure to double check the law in your area. If you're in the market for a Taser, one of our Top Rated favorites is the Taser Pulse.

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